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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. next at eight...
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storm.. and preparing for the next. a look at the damage night's storm front.. and a brave some tough conditions next at eight... tonight at eight ..... the bay area is taking a breath and cleaning up after a overnight. uprooted trees.. and knockedthe storm made its presence berkeley this morning.. that was certainly the case in novato.. where this crash was the weather has calmed center with jacqueline who is tracking when the next >> jacqueline?
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>> absolutely, if this body but still rough. anywhere you see the green. on highway ##101. between high 101, novado, san rafael. as we go towards oakland. just as we saw on that live picture of the approach to the bay bridge that weather cell we were just mentioning. over the embarcadero, and even near the oakland hills in walnut creek. here is what we can expect with 24 rainfall totals have been pretty impressive 3 in. in santa rosa. and we even sell more in santa rosa of. and just 24 hours ago. we even-saw more. . which will take a look at oakland, livermore
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totals. coming up cardiff coverage tonight in the north bay.... which took quite a hit from the big storm. kron-4's dan kerman is live along highway 101 in sausalito with more on that. >> mill valley, the works crews were still at it. cleaning up the fallen leaves on it sycamore avenue. the fear that they would catch that this a catch basin and o'clock it. the water from this next band of storms. and it would--possibly get clogged. it was not fallen leaves that force the issue but the fallen trees. it was quite a surprise. >> i went>> take a look -
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the winds were so ferocious that it toppled this big tree .... snapping it in in half. and when it fell, it fortunately missed the house nearby work crews sprang into action to clear away the potentially dangerous debris localized flooding. and businesses were fearing the worst had the sandbags piled high. just in case. we are live on highway 1 0 1 and sells a little i can tell you. in nearly eight hours, and of sausalito-it has not been raining. it has been running heavy, medium but now it is finally been quiet. but the wind is starting to pick up. the focus, going forward in the north bay is that this a saturation with already downed trees but this next concern could be more don't trees and even a landslides. with even more-and downed trees. we will adjust have
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to wait and see that is the latest from sausalito. >> the wet weather may drive theimade it difficult of where advisor around the bay area during harrowing. especially on bay area bridges.. where advisories this is a live look at traffic now on the golden gate bridge .. the bay bridge. >> the rain had let up after a long, wet today in the east bay. >> the rain started and even the threat of the morning. it continued further east on highway no. 4 in oakley with the cost of one highway patrol say at least two
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people were involved in this collision. the child was flown to oakland children's hospital and the zero and was transported to john muir. they do not appear to be life threatening. we can see that the rainfall total picked up around 4:00 p.m. it is pretty nice right now but there is a bit of a break heiresses storms move and. charles clifford, kron 4. >> part of the great heart way highway-with phillipe djegal shows us how traffic in san francisco.. part of
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the great highway in san francisco ... had to be shut down because of heavy flooding. kron-4's philippe djegal shows us... how traffic was affected ... and, he reports these closures happen more often than you might think. >> the rain started falling early friday morning here in the east bay. this is video from along highway 24 near the caldecott tunnell just after sunrise. slick conditions continued throughout the morning. it was also pouring rain further east along highway 4 in oakley, the california highway patrol says that at least two cars were involved young boy was flown to to john muir medical center. from sloat to lincoln the barricades turned cars around, asking drivers instead. >> we can still take any chances with overflow and make sure that it is cleaned out but we're just waiting for the water to subside. and allow traffic to get back in again. the department of public works collaborates with the taraval police substation on deciding when closing the great highway is appropriate. and, remember, whether crossing through the law and could result in a fine. in san francisco, news.
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>> pg&e is trying to restore service to customers. in santa cruz there were out in one of the utilities for these new command vehicles. it is a mobile command center with the capability to communicate with law enforcement and emergency crews. jeff bush has more on the pg&e and how they're handling power outages >> we are here in the hills and the pg&e is working hard to get this neighborhood powers restored. the working crews are restraining a power line 183 fell. as you can imagine, they are three stringing re--stringing as this power line fell after a tree fell. >> it is heroic. it is
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challenging. it is difficult. >> pg&e says that there are thousands of crew members working on this big storm series like this one. >> we have people working 36 hours. and and eight our break. and that a 16 hour shift. and in terms of the storm we barely got hit. the most of the power has been restored but we are bracing for more when the storm-- really hit. >> jeff bush, kron 4. , the rain is causing damage in the and businesses are losing out because of the downpour. of the sea of read is in san francisco. alecia reed. (saw) >> christmas trees are being sold. there were shopping in the rain. >> it is the holiday spirit.
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in the we are having a holiday party to more we do not want to stop getting a tree. >> it could of nonstop since shopping however, there has been a decrease because of the rainfall. >> it is a great time to purchase a tree right now. they're totally fresh. this is our version of snowfall. >> it did not stop some people they had their eyes set on a tree. >> i was ready. and wanted to get a real tree. >> although this tree lot has been losing sales they are still giving back this holiday season. this seasonal employes will get a discount as they show their appreciation. >> come on down. we will take care of you.
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>> alecia reed, kron 4 news. >> coming up at 8:00 p.m. a football fans will breathe some difficult conditions for the pac ten and a tree even plans on a car. if the fiscal cliff, president obama with the gop saying that the plan might not be in the sights just yet. and a tree-lands on a car, and details coming up. if [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers.
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>> tonight.. the stanford cardinal and the u-c-l-a bruins are battling it out for the right to go to the rose bowl in the pac-12 championship game. and weather is not getting in the way of the
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action on the field. this is video of the stadium earlier in the day.... courtesy of sky-7- h-d from a-b-c-7 news. pretty serene.. but it stadium. kron-4's j-r stone is live he's at the stadium to explain why. j-r? this is usually where the party and tailgate but you can see the water that has been collected. >> this is our tailgating spot, right here. >> this looks a little bit wet. >> it is. >> i hope that it is not always like this. >> i have not seen this like this and 45 years. >> i think that he is the smartest guy with the crew appeared to be yes. >> people i've been wearing rain gear. but this looks brand new. >> it is, my wife, mavis. >> my concern is that i do not see anything that is waterproof. >> we have some ponchos. it >> we are ready. >> and what you had to do is
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to make some strategic moves. just to get through the mud but thank goodness i had a 4 x 4. just to be able to plow right through it. we were bhearing some of these but a look at what i found. these people were stuck... in the mud. tow trucks were busy all day. one car went soul low that i even had to get in and help the car would a so the zero =low fiord y were happy, even though it was a wet morning. back out here live, you can see in the distance the wet stuff is on the ground.. these
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water levels were higher, earlier than they were right now. even though it is drizzling the water levels have gone down a bit. there is a good game, 24 -24 is the score. in the fourth quarter. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. in san francisco, the wet weather caused major challenges for some residents. one woman woke up to find her mercedes... crushed >> at 9 a.m. the police knocked on the door that my car had been in an accident with a tree. they drove be down here. it was a large tree that fell on have to. my insurance company is calling a towing company and it is going to be taking to a collision center. i am going to purchase a new car. i do not want to do it. this
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was a great car it was shocking and i love the car i wish i would have gone out last night instead of sitting on the sofa. >> several other trees were down around city but no major injuries. >> the rain, wind caused several damage. several other trees injuries were reported. and pictures like this one, highways totally flooded. highway no. 12 in the 121 the south of napa. you can barely see the cars but they're up to their wheel wells and water. this is normally underneath this pedestrian bridge this is on a golf course. it is charging a round it and over to it. this is a highway, 87. and san jose, it looks more like their river and the trees came down to.
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redwood city, it avoided a home. and we're always looking for your photos. send us your pictures breaking news >> we did see some rainfall. you can see over 7 in. and highly elevations. petaluma, nearly 2 in., richmond, 2 in.. and we're not quite done with our rainfall just yet. some showers continuing more on that. first, let us see what we can expect for the weekend with a lighter will rainfall for the weekend. as to go towards sunday, have rainfall in the morning with gusting winds. heavy rainfall rates in fact it will be similar to today's storm. drier conditions
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expected. in the bay area, the rainfall and the south and some spotty showers over san rafeal, o client. and right over the bay bridge we can see overtone the approach and over the -- peninsula, treasure island, san carlos, a rapid city, light rainfall. he and walnut creek, it missebut right over the 580 and also near pleasanton. we do have more of rainfall not just spotty showers but heavy rainfall. the continuation of this shower with this final of moisture. another system with the core of it and the front of id and another one. that is spreading towards washington but it will move south as we go towards sunday. taking a look at futurecast. the spotty showers continuing into 5:00
8:20 pm
a.m., spotty showers here, there, keeping your umbrella handy if your and why 1:00, 2:00, it could dry up a little bit but as i look at other computer models they show rainfall. i think that we could continue to see spotty showers for the rainfall but the overnight main event. the tail end and the heavy rainfall through the north bay by 6:00 p.m. and even 10:00 p.m. steady rainfall for four consecutive hours in the north bay. and still, going to the north we will continue to see those showers by 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. with a flood watch in effect for the north san mateo coast, still impacted. 3-7 in. and the higher elevations was to the mountains, favoring the north bay. that is where we could see it fixed occurring
8:21 pm
from the most and gusting like today. 50-60 m.p.h.. a look at your extended forecast with light rain here, there, keeping your umbrella handy. heavy rainfall in sunday morning and a lingering for the afternoon with a brake on monday but it is returning tuesday night. >> coming up later in this broadcast brian wilson, the bay area real hero might not be a giant next season in the pac 12. it is being decided. and i do not think that i would have set out in the rainfall. >> i would have for ucla. >> the details coming up later ♪
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>>pam: president obama is
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taking his fight over the fiscal cliff to the public... and he sounds like he is back on the campaign trail.. and once again - he and house speaker john boehner... do 'not' sound close to a deal. heenan explains. >> president obama took his case on the road.... visiting a toy factory in pennsylvania... where he told an audience that failing to extend tax cuts for the middle class would mean a 'scrooge christmas' for millions.. >> if congress does nothing, the taxes will go up for every family. on january 1st. i am assuming that is not a sound too good to you. >> we now know that when the treasury secretary presented the latest white proposal on avoiding the fiscal cliff to house speaker john boehner thursday --house speaker john boehner says that the idea of boosting revenue by 1.6 trillion over the next decade would be a 'crippling blow' to the economy. >> ".we're at a stalemate.. .let's face it...." >> "vhope that's a figure of speech. shouldn't be talking about a stalemate." we should not even think of
8:25 pm
that term of a stalemate. >>catherine: the key sticking point....taxes. democrats want to extend bush-era tax cuts for the middle class...while allowing rates to jump republicans don't want a tax rate increase on anyone. period. the white house is hoping that the fact the president is taking his case to the public will help build momentum....and pressure congress to act. of course the real negotiating is going on behind closed doors.. and with 32 days before tax hikes and spending cuts kick in....there are few signs of progress... catherine heenan, kron 4. >> congressional insiders that a deal could be reached before the deadline we will be right back. ♪
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>> the violent rampage in wyoming that ends up with college of violence and a college classroom. demand also the same-sex marriage debate. >>jacqueline: all your detailed weekend weather coming up [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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wyoming that ends in sex marriage. now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty... the bay area cleaning up from the big storm that rolled through last night and early this morning. trees were knocked down.. and many areas saw substantial flooding. flash flood watches are in effect for several counties.. and high wind warnings are in place for several bridges. driving around the bay area has been difficult on the wet roads. dozens of crashes were reported.. and p-g-and-e is working to restore service to thousands of customers who lost power. crews are out in full force in hard hit sections of the north and south bay. and more rain is in the forecast.. jaqueline is here now to tell us when it will arrive. >>jacqueline: of that was certainly not a run-of-the- mill storm. rainfall totals in the last 24 hours have been is significant. several hours seeing several inches. 3 in. in santa rosa, nearly that much in other areas, dublin, palo alto, and others locations. taking this live look at stormtracker 4 we could see
8:32 pm
some light showers over the north bay and the east bay. and through the peninsula, more rainfall but the main band of rainfall per year that heavy bringing that- heavy rainfall with eight additional system. with one friend there, one front here. more rainfall totals on sunday with a flash flood watch remains in effect for the north bay. and also for the san mateo coast. and san francisco, it is not a run- of-the-mill storm. several more inches and timing it out on futurecast coming up. >>pam: stay with kron-4 as we continue to track the storm. with updates also available on, along with our facebook and twitter pages. >> in other bay area news... one person is dead and another injured..... after police say, a burglar ransacked a home early this morning. it all happened in monte sereno, near the southwest part of san jose.. just after one in the morning. this is video of the scene courtesy of sky-7-h-d
8:33 pm
from a-b-c-7-news police say, after the burglar left, a woman called for help. when police arrived they found a man dead at the home. the woman was taken to the hospital. her injuries are not considered serious. police are still >> tonight, authorities in santa cruz are asking for the public's help... in identifing a man who was found dead in a rain- swollen creek in capitola early this morning. as kron-4's rob fladeboe explains.. the discovery comes right after after a homeless man was reported missing.. and investigators are wondering if there is a connection.
8:34 pm
no decision today on the fate of same-sex marriage in supreme court will not make an announcement until at least monday ... if then, on whether it will even review proposition 8..
8:35 pm
supporters of the ban on same sex marriage appealed to the u.s. supreme court after lower courts found the ban un- constitutional.. if the court decides not to hear the case.. same sex marriages will be able to resume in california .. if the court 'does' decide to hear the case.. arguments would take place in the spring. the court also has the option of delaying consideration of whether to take up the appeal until a later date. >> earlier, rebrob fladeboe unmentioned mention< the coroner and santa cruz county search and rescue team pulled the body of an uniddentified male from soquel creek along bay avenue shortly before 11 friday. police at the time drowned or whether his death police were also checking to discovery is related to the search for a missing man whose picture is posted on a nearby bridge over the creek. police urged others to steer clear of this and other areas creeks and streams which are on thein capitola rob fladeboe
8:36 pm
in national news.. police in wyoming say, a man killed two people before killing himself... in a college classroom in casper. investigators say, the rampage actually started about 2 -miles away from casper college.. where the man killed someone in a neighborhood, with a "sharp- edged" weapon. classroom in a science building.. killed the teacher.. then killed himself in front of students. police say, the man was not a student.. but he did apparently know his victims. the army private charged with leaking classified information to the web site wikileaks, says he was considering suicide during his pre-trial confinement. bradley manning testified on the fourth day of a hearing at fort meade near baltimore. he admitted he went as far as fashioning a noose out of a bedsheet in his cell. manning is trying to get the case against him dismissed.. he claims he was punished illegally, by being held for nine -months in restrictive conditions. charges that could put him his life, if convicted. a missouri family has come forward as one of two winners in wednesday's but a second confirmed winner, who purchased the golden ticket at a store in suburban phoenix, still has not been publicly
8:37 pm
identified. shelby lin has the bonanza. this for a touchdown >> we are common as anybody, which is tablet a bit more money, we want to try to keep everything normal and the same. we have accounts for our grandchildren, nieces, nephews, for children and college. >> the arizona person has not come forward with the presumed winner was caught on surveillance video. he has seen celebrating in maryland. >> and i said that is the right numbers, you got them
8:38 pm
all! lottery officials say they have the annuity payment or a lump sum. $192.5 million for each winner. shelpby win... kron 4. >> coming up the next edition of people behaving badly with paddock drivers in the rainfall. bad drivers music's, ready !
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>>pam: often back. the offer today there was little change on wall street to end the week.. as investors continue to monitor budget talks between lawmakers in washington. the dow closes the week up four points.. at just over 13-thousand the nasdaq lost two points.. and the s-and-p 500
8:41 pm
point. >> an unusual type of chase this morning, on the streets of des moines, iowa... as police try to round up a ram on the run. officers tried corralling the animal with their cars... but, as you can see, it just kept running! the animal's joy run ended at the iowa state capitol, where it was finally cornered. officers say, the ram belongs to a local homeowner, who was keeping it for a friend. police say, they having an animal at large. >> coming up sports director, gary radnich is joined with his lovely wife alicia and stanford and cal...the details... coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> the rain hits the bay it's not uncommon for traffic to back up like here on the 880 near decoto road
8:44 pm
this driver chose to follow behind a tow truck. the only problem with that she was driving on the shoulder ... >> (police): ford pickup, pull over >> when it rains in the bay common sence pretty goes out the window. the driver of the pickup claimed she had an emergency, at her restaurant. the driver in this white car was spotted weaving in and out of the carpool lane in the rain and get this he was a solo driver ... it's hard enough to navigate the roads whrn the weather is dry it's even more difficult when visibility is limited >> after officer hunter from the hayward office of the chp had a talk with him it was my turn >> i was impatient , when i was in the right lane the car in front of me was going entirely too slow and i said let me go around over here and when i saw you all back there i said oh my goodness im going to get pulled over >> i can count on one hand
8:45 pm
just how many times drivers admit they were at fault i was wrong it was my fault im guilty the carpool lamne ... carpool lanes is safe hefty ticket something in the 4 or 5 hundred range don't remind me ok be careful i'n the rain officers also check for disables vehicles, this one was occupied the driver was waiting for his wife to arrive officer hunter instructed he to tell his wife to bring a child seat for the 3 year old that was in the back the rain also creates it's share of collisions this is four car finder bender where everyone pulled to the center divide it's never a good idea pull to the center divide, it was so dangerours i stayed inside the car a traffic break was created and everyone was moved to the shoulder .. to short out who was at fault it will help us all get to our destinations in one piece if every driver would slow down and be attentive drive to stay alive at the hawyard office of
8:46 pm
the chp stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> it is certainly not as widespread but mainly dry. we could see it saturday, showers on/off. with spotty showers like what we're seeing right now but the main event on the sunday morning. similar to what we saw today. as for what is going on right now the stormtracker 4 radar. still come over in san rafael, and novato.. with a light showers over the bay bridge we are still seeing light rain and over the 180/80 interchange. and along the peninsula, also spotty showers near a
8:47 pm
cemetery, san carlos, redwood city, mainly delight. berkeley, richmond, also light. mainly--light. the satellite and radar showing northern california moisture this plume that continues to push that will continue to be responsible for the system tomorrow. there is a secondary system forming. the tail end of that will push for northern california. this will go towards sunday. as we look at futurecast spotty showers. hit or miss. not exactly where they will be but just keeping your umbrella and the would be a good idea and while that might be nice we could use that dry weather i do not think it is going to happen. it could continue. that will move in after midnight.
8:48 pm
heavy rainfall through 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. at the rainfall will stall over the north bay and concentrated. and pressing south of the golden gate. there is even a flawed watch in effect for the north bay, the san mateo, with a flood watch. because of thatfall totals near what we saw today with over 3 in. in the valleys. that is where the flood watch is in effect and the wind will be gusting. 60 m.p.h. the sierras, not much snowfall to is the highest elevations with about nine dozen feet. all of this rainfall, the precipitation, 9,000 ft.. -- it is not going to be cold enough for snowfall. however, saturday, sunday, we could see wet weather. several inches of rain fall and monday a break
8:49 pm
but it possible rainfall again on tuesday. >> good evening, everybody stanford has a chance to go to the rose bowl for the first time since the year, 2000. this stadium is nearly one-half full a difficult with the weather. and the fact that we did not know who would be hosting the pac-10 until last week. and jonathan franklin, ucla on the board first with seven-nothing. for now, the all-time high leading rusher for ucla. and kevin hogan, his fourth straight game and he was on time. 16-22, 153 yds. tying the game at 24. and here we go, stanford field goal going up by three. ucla right at the finish cannot convert. a 51 yd attempt and
8:50 pm
it just ended moments ago stanford is going to go to the rose bowl to face either wisconsin or nebraska on new year's day. david shaw. 27- 24. another team of the san jose with coach mcintyre, a great season. they have accepted a bid for the military bowl on december 27th to washington d.c.. to go to a bowl is great but the idea is to be able to send your fans there. but now, you have three weeks. to get your plane tickets to washington d.c. for christmas. they will be one of th first teams. and with the
8:51 pm
stanford, over the holidays. san jose state over the holidays in bay area football a nice, nice season. and the raiders had a decent chance against cleveland on sunday without rolando. he is suspended for conduct he got into the coach's face. and there you go, he is going to be short $114,000. speaking of players losing money three- 8. that is mainly what your highlights lamar houston, desmond, each were fined $26,250 for hitting a guy and a helmet and shoulder. and two years ago he was the toast of the bay area. and what is up for brian wilson's future? he officially became a free agent tonight.
8:52 pm
with a 75% coming in. and barry bonds, sammy sosa, and when we come up, e mail. jim harbaugh, alex smith. e- [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... ♪ ♪ ...or you can get out there with your friends and actually share something.
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♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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jeff tedford is the winningest coach.. i love to watch jim harbaugh frustrate the media. why do you honestly think harbaugh kicked alex to the curb? jeff tedford is the winningest coach.. we would like to see you got mad more often. >> only when my wife does not come home at night. papa laug
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